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A New Green Invention that can help Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

Tax Credit up to $250 per unit

[With Government Funding Free for First 3 years]

US PATENT # 7766026

Increase your Profits with Savings in Water,Gas,Paper Towels & Trash

Increase your Occupancy by making

your Property look Smart & Millennial

Improving your bottom line immediately

                                  Smart Touchpad

                             to Attach to your

                      Existing Manual Faucets

         with Preset Touch Temperature & Timer

1. Preset  Touch Temperature -No more pulling of handles to adjust water temperature

    Sanitary & Convenient                                           (Can be touched with a Knuckle)



2. Preset Timer  - Helps shut off water when not necessary

                                  eg. when brushing your teeth & shaving


      Helps Save up to 90% water, gas, electric, Paper towels & Trash


3.Transperant Label --can be placed over Touchpad and

                                          changed Daily for Sanitation 


4.Showers --Touchpad can be placed Outside the Shower to

                           Avoid that First Splash of Cold  Water

     For New Hotels--Can Help Saves 3 ft x 3ft =  10sqft of Shower Space

     which means $5000 per shower (@$500 per sqft)

                         ie. $5 million per 1000 Showers


5.  Bathtub-- Helps prevent Costly  Bathtub OverFlow

                       ( Average   $10,000 to $30,000 per OverFlow )

                   --Users need not be Checking if Bathtub is Full


                For more info & Live Demo  feel free to make an appointment


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Lab tested by IAPMO for One Million Cycles Without Failure giving you a Lifespan of  30 years if used 100 Times a Day

Coronavirus Ports and Airports A4 Poster

ITF Advantages

With the current pandemic, automation is the key to sanitation and avoid cross-contamination.

Handwashing is the if utmost importance to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Until now, the only auto shut off the faucet is the motion sensor faucets or infrared faucets that often fail due to soap suds blurring the lens and hence require constant cleaning from the inside out.

Hence most places continue to use manual faucets which is not sanitary 

Touch water-saving system aka ITouchFaucets is a patented technology that uses an electronic touchpad to attach to existing manual faucets to replace your faucet handles for your bathroom sink kitchen sink showers and bathtub

It offers. 4 preset temperature and timers which can be activated by the touch of a finger or knuckle

Hence, users need not be touching the handles to adjust water temperature or turn off the faucets.

With the pandemic, most users will use Kleenex or paper towels to turn off manual faucets handles. A savings of $1 a day in water, gas, paper towels, and trash will mean $360 a year $3600 in ten years $10,000 in 30 years

This means touch water-saving system aka ITouchFaucets can be free

ITouchFaucets aka touch water-saving system is not just sanitary and convenient, but also lab tested by the Marymount University of California to save 40% water before the pandemic.

Furthermore, ITouchFaucets has been lab-tested by IAPMO for one million cycles without failure giving it a lifespan of 30 years if used 100 times a day.l, making it the most durable, reliable, economical electronic faucets in America !!

As a matter of fact, we are now government-funded and ITouchFaucets aka touch water-saving system can now be free with savings in water, gas, paper towels, and trash while preventing the spread of COVID 19

A transparent label can also be placed on the touchpad and changed daily for sanitation reasons saving labor and  detergents cleaning faucets handles by hotel owners 

ITouchFaucets aka Touch Water saving system is the faucet of the future 


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