​​​​​​Features / Benefits

Smart Faucet Touch System

With Preset Timer & Temperature Control

FEATURES                                                     BENEFITS

1. Electronic Touchpad uses                1. No More Turning of Faucet Handles

    Smartphone Touch Technology                -- Convenient  & Sanitary-

                                                                          -- Saves Time, Effort, Water, Gas & Electric


2. Versatile -- Retrofits & Replaces       2. Can be Attached to Most Faucet Designs of

                        Faucet Handles                      Showers. Bathtubs, Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

                                                                        -- Retain or Match Your Beautiful Faucets

3. Four ( 4) Preset Temperatures          3. Saves Time & Effort adjusting Water Temperature    -- Hot, Warm, Warmer, Cold           -- Sanitary-- No turning handles to adjust                                                                            temperature                                                                   

                                                         --Convenient-- Saves Precious Water, Gas, Electric

4. TOUCH Sensitive --                             4.  No more Guessing  ( like Infrared/ Motion Sensor )

      Instant Waterflow                                 & waving of hands 


5. Preset Temp  Defaults at 3 sec          5. a.  Helps Save up to 90% Water, Gas & Electric

    - 3 sec to Fill up a cup / wet hands                Water is not wasted during Routine Chores

    - 3 sec to Rinse off toothbrush or            eg. Brushing of Teeth, Scrubbing of Soap                           Rinse off soap                                               Washing of Face,  Contact Lenses, Shaving

                                                                         b.  Sanitary -- can be activated with your knuckle

                                                                                                Not having to Touch Faucet Handles 

                                                                                                with Dirty or Clean Hands &

                                                                                                not having to Wash Faucet Handles, 

                                                                                                Since Timer will shut off Water Supply


6. Custom Programmed Timer for         6. Avoid Overflow of Bathtubs

   -- BathTub  -- 1 min to  5 mins                  Avoid Mold Issues & High Insurance Costs

   -- Showers  -- 1 min to 10 mins                 Need not be constantly checking if Bathtub is Filled 


7. Touchpad can be placed outside      7. Avoid that First Splash of Cold Water  


8. ADA Compliant                                    8. Makes Life easier for the less privileged

9. Easy Installation                                  9. DIY Do it Yourself Installation


10. First Class Quality                            10. Made in USA / Well Tested under Extreme Conditions

11. Uses Smartphone Technology        11. Extremely Reliable & Durable

                                                                      Long Term Economy for Many years 

12. Durability                                           12. Lab Tested to Handle 1 million Cycles

                                                                   --  Life Span of 30 years if used 100 times a day

                                                                  -- Cheaper than Manual Faucets in the long run

13. Reliability                                          13.  Raises property value