Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the iTouchFaucets System versus  ordinary infrared or motion sensor faucet?

a. Reliability - Unlike most infrared technology uses an electronic eye that often fails and requires cleaning which is costly,

    iTouchFaucets System uses a Smartphone Touch Technology which requires no cleaning for it to function.

b. Durability - iTouchFaucets uses Smartphone Touch Technology which can handle several hundred hits a day like a smartphone

c. 4 Preset Temperatures -- unlike public rest-rooms which tolerates any water temperatue , Most places require various temperature 

                       like hotels, hospitals, dorms at universities would require at least 4 temperatures for our daily use.

                       This totally rules out the possibility of even using  the infrared system.

d. Some Infrared faucets comes with a mini handle which requires the use of dirty hands to change temperatures

                   that brings us back to turning of faucets handles but that makes it unsanitary

e. Versatile -- can be attached to most Faucet  Designs to match any d├ęcor which is required in most hotels and high end luxury homes                            -- Most infrared faucets has limited designs since it is costly giving us  an added advantage over the infrared system.  

e. Green Technology - With more uses in more industries this means we can help the world save more in Water, Gas, Electric

                                     plus fuel cost to carry that water weight for Airlines, Cruise Lines and RVs

f. Retrofit -  Our system can be attached to existing faucets which infrared cannot.

g. Saves more water-- many old motion sensor faucets continue to run for another 3-6 seconds after hands are removed

                                 -- Additonal wastage of 6 seconds times 100 times a day = 600 secs

                                  = 10mins x 2 gall per min = 20 galls a day x 365 days 

                                  = 7300 galls per year per sink

                                  = 73,000 galls per year per 10 sinks


 h. Monopoly -  Since our product is patent right approved, this means any one who wants the above features like 4 temperatures,                 , durability and technology will have no choice but to use our system.

2. I have just installed my Brand New  faucets and I do not wish to change, what can I do?
    The beauty of iTouchFaucets is that it attaches to almost any existing faucet. No faucet change is required.

    Simply remove the handles and keep your  beautiful Faucet 

3. We (hotel, apartment, retirement home, restaurant) would like the iTouchFaucet System but how would it fit into our budget?
 -- With financing for as low as $14-$30 a month the money you save on your water, gas electric bill will more than pay itself,

     especially in restaurants,  where cost savings is very high on water gas electric. The more people using the sink the more you save!

4. How do I fine-tune the temperature of the water?

You can adjust the warm temperature anytime through the angle stops below the sink.

5. Can I adjust the timer?
    iTouchFaucets has Timer that can be custom programmed at the time of order according to usage requirement

    eg, Shower System   -- may default at 1 min , programmed at one minute interval up to 10 mins

          Bath Tub System -- may default at 1 min , programmed at one minute interval up to  4 - 5 mins  to avoid overflow

                                         Most Bathtubs takes 6-8 mins to be filled

6. What happens when there is power failure

     The electronic touchpad system comes with 8 hour back up battery

     ( not the knee touch system since there are still many sinks with manual faucets in a kitchen environment )

7. What is Knee-Touch system and how is it different?
The Knee-Touch System is  instant on and instant off waterflow

It is ideal for people who are sanitary conscious and desire totally hands-free sanitation

such as Kitchens, Dental clinics  and Hospitals.

8 . So, how is Knee Touch Faucet  different from the foot paddle system used in some kitchens and hospitals?

    Foot paddle system sits on the floor,

     a. Does not save water. 

    -- Since once foot steps on foot-paddle, water is continuously running

    -- Unlike the foot-paddle system, Knee Touch System can be activated with a gentle touch and can be released easily to shut off water supply.


     b. Foot-paddle may take a few seconds to be back to its original position wasting another few seconds of water like the motion sensor system

       -- In example in 1(g). (6secs x 100 times a day= 7000 gallons of water wasted a year.)

      -- The Knee Touch system, unlike other hands free systems, is instantaneous.

      -- It will only remain on with a gentle touch of the knee

      -- The activation of the Knee Touch system is effortless but conscious, allowing people to only draw the water when it is needed without unnecessary water wastage.

    c. - May cause someone to trip and fall

      - Requires constant cleaning and

      - Difficult to clean with wet dirty shoes stepping on them all day


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